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  •  [SOFT without feeling “stuck”]: 14-inch softest mattress. It wraps you in plush comfort for a perfect night’s sleep. Its active flex layer bounces back in an instant. That way you never feel “stuck. ”
  •  [deeper sleep]: the fda-determined celliant cover promotes more restful sleep and faster recovery. It works by reflecting heat back into your body as infrared light, which increases Local circulation.
  •  [cool & comfortable]: The bio-purr comfort layer features an open-cell design. It wicks away warm air to keep you cool all night. And it bounces back Fast so you never feel "stuck. "
  •  [relieves pressure points]: The affinity transition layer offers zoned pressure relief with hive technology. Hive creates five comfort zones to give you more support where you want it and more cushion where you Need it. That’s why studies show hive reduces pain-causing pressure points by 49%.
  •  Bio-purr Comes from partially plant-based material. Zero emissions. Certified for sustainability by CertiPUR-US.

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