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[Products with top reviews at high shipment volumes that meet and exceed customer needs. Constantly updating all the offered products and monitor new categories in the market]

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[We analyze various expert reviews - on web and youtube, we consider our own purchase experiences, we research reported defects as well how the vendor reacts to the issues]

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[Well known brands that offer a clear value, proven quality, helpful features and solid after sales support. Smaller brands also monitored for market acceptance before listed]

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[Products carried by Big-Box stores that offer fast delivery, favorable return/warranty policies, and display lots of extra product info for your purchasing assistance]

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The  Guidalor benefits

The Guidalor benefits

No previous knowledge required for product filtering- The perfect site for beginners in the field

You don't have to search multiple sites anymore - We have done the product research

You get product recommendations that are trusted by consumers - Best sellers, within a few minutes

Product Offerings from big box retailers that we are affiliated with (Amazon, Walmart, Ebay and many more) - Quick deliveries, well known policies

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"It saved me hours from searching sites to get to a good guitar..."

Meredith C.

"Quick and effective.

Loved it."

Tom M.

"I wouldn't find the right grill for me if I hadn't used the grill interactive guide!"


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