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How to Pick Your Very First Drone  - Get the tips you need

How to Pick Your Very First Drone - Get the tips you need

If you're passionate about drones then you might wonder how to pick out your first drone. While it might seem overwhelming picking out the right choice from various options, there's hope.

Here you will get the top tips and tricks to pick out your first Ready-To-Fly drone, where you don't have to worry about buying different parts to build it. They come with everything that you need in one box. Read on to see these tips and make sure that you pick out the best drone for your needs today. 

1. Safety First

When you select a drone, you'll want to keep safety in mind when you fly.  Anyone can get hurt, even from a toy drone. 

In order to protect yourself and others, you might want to consider drones that have propeller guards. This category is commonly called "ducted" drones. Even with this protection in mind, it's still important to be mindful while flying a drone. 

Ducted drones are best suited for children and indoor use to maximize safety.  

Drones without shields, commonly referred to as "Open prop" are great for wide-open outdoor spaces.

2. Piloting Options

When shopping for drones, some might want to race or freestyle their drone. If that's you, then you'll want to consider first-person-view headsets.

This will allow you to see through the lens while flying the drone. This is a popular type of drone since it allows you to feel as if you're in the pilot seat. 

One form of first-person viewing (FPV) is through your mobile phone. Your phone will be attached to the drone controller in order to allow this. Keep in mind that this form of communication might not be as strong as using FPV goggles, that is usually associated with a more advanced drone configuration. 

3. Other tips

While batteries can be expensive, it is a good idea to buy extra batteries for your drone. This will allow you to fly longer, as the average flight time per battery is about five minutes.

If you're considering a drone with a camera, there many options starting as low as $40! 

Before taking videos or pictures, you'll need to abide by the different rules and regulations in your area. You may also need to register your drone depending on its weight. 

Now let's get your Very First Drone

You should now have a better idea of how to pick out your very first drone. Are you ready? 

Click here to pick it in just a few minutes!

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