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How to choose the right Bed in a Box

How to choose the right Bed in a Box

Poor sleep can make you downright miserable in your waking life. Scientists have gone as far as comparing the cognitive performance of an underslept person to that of someone intoxicated with alcohol. 

Today, you can order a mattress in a box that can quickly and conveniently help you get better sleep. Understanding how to choose a bed in a box will allow you to buy the best, most cost-effective options. 

Keep reading to learn more about bed in a box products and what you should know about them. 

Consider Why You Need a Bed in a Box and How it Can Help

Understanding your needs will help you find the best bed in a box product available. 

Today, 11 percent of people in the United States that on a nightly basis, they're not getting enough quality sleep. If you're underslept, a poor sleep situation is often one of the biggest factors. 

It's difficult to get quality sleep on a mattress that lacks support, is too rigid, or isn't the right size. Ordering a bed in a box gives you the best chance of excellent sleep each night. 

Shop Around for the Different Varieties Available

Always consider things like the mattress type and your sleep position so that you're able to make the right selection.

When buying a bed in a box, you'll likely choose between foam, innerspring, or hybrid mattresses. They come in sizes ranging from Twin to California King. 

You can also buy a mattress in a box that has varying degrees of firmness. 

Look Into Reviews and Price Ranges

Reviews are helpful for whatever products you'd like, from barbecue grills to drones. 

Always check out some reviews when you're looking into buying a bed in a box. These options range between $500 and $1,500. Make certain that you've researched the base requirements and style options whenever you're searching for a mattress. 

Find Out About Trials and Set Up the Delivery

Once you're ready to shop for a bed in a box, look into trial options that'll let you test it out before buying. Bed in a box trials allow you to get up to a year of use, risk-free. 

This typically includes white glove delivery. Taking advantage of a trial lets you weigh the pros and cons of buying a bed in a box by experiencing it for yourself. 

These mattresses come with lengthy warranties so that your purchase is protected, along with your ability to get a good night's sleep. 

Improve Your Sleep With the Right Purchase - Check out our unique interactive guide!

A bed in a box is an excellent purchase that can help you revolutionize your sleep. If your sleep patterns or quality are interrupted in any manner, your brain and body will start to feel the effects. 

Take the time to shop for the best mattress in a box to put your sleep woes behind you by using Guidalor's unique & interactive guide here.

The Guidalor team is happy to help you out with any product recommendations that you're looking into. Take the time to contact us on our web form.

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