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Beginner Guitar Guide: How to Choose Your First Guitar

Beginner Guitar Guide: How to Choose Your First Guitar

The ancient and traditional origins of the guitar, can be traced back to Persia 3500 years ago.  Fast forward to our present time, and now you see how diverse this instrument has become. 

When it comes to finding a beginner guitar, you only need to focus on two primary types of guitar.  They are acoustic and electric..  Each guitar type has a unique and distinct sound that can applicable many styles of music.   

Here’s a guide on how to help you pick a guitar.  Keep reading to learn more! 

Why You Should Buy an Electric Guitar

As a beginner guitar player, there’s no real silver bullet to quickly determine your preference.  However, you can start your guitar selection journey by referencing what your favorite guitar based songs are and who your favorite guitar players are.    The odds are highly likely that you will quickly figure out which electric guitar best suits your tone.   

Compared to an acoustic guitar, the strings of an electric guitar have much lower action which translates to much easier handling.  Please keep in mind, playing an electric guitar, still takes a lot of practice. 

You will find that the electric guitar is used in a lot of popular music and offers a variety of tones to help you learn different skills.  

Another thing to consider, is that you will need an amplifier and a connector cable, in order to play the electric guitar.

Why You Should Buy an Acoustic Guitar 

If you choose the acoustic guitar, you’ll discover that the tone created is different than that of an electric guitar.     

Quite often, you’ll find a direct association with folk, country and classical music.  

Contrary to the electric guitar, the acoustic guitar does not require equipment but is more difficult to play.  

When it comes to portability, usage of alternate tuning, and/or learning various chord progressions, the Acoustic guitar is your go to instrument. 

Like the electric guitar, you can start your acoustic guitar journey selection by referencing what your favorite guitar based songs are and who your favorite guitar players are.     This will help you determine which guitar you want to learn with. 

Let's get you started on the guitar path..

It's important to remember that whatever guitar you choose, you should pick it based on the songs you want to play and the equipment you want to play with. 

Now it's your turn to choose a guitar and start playing!

Click here to pick the best guitar for your needs.

If you have questions about what guitar to choose, you can contact us at 

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