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How to Choose Your First & Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner

How to Choose Your First & Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Once upon a time, robot vacuum cleaners were the stuff of science fiction, the hypothetical tools of homeowners in the year 3000. 

These days, just one of the major robot vacuum cleaner sellers averages 20 million units sold each year.

If your home could do with a bit of cleaning (that you don't have time for yourself), here's a quick and easy robot vacuum cleaner guide to help you find the best robot vacuum cleaner for your money. 

Check Your Robot Vacuum Cleaner's Suction

One of the most basic robot vacuum cleaner tips holds true across humbler vacuums too: suction is everything. 

Basically, the higher the suction power, the more effective the vacuum is at cleaning. On the other hand, the higher the suction power, the shorter the battery life. Your average robot vacuum has a suction power range between 50 to 120 watts, which gets you roughly one hour of run time and is sufficient for small houses or apartments. Larger houses will need a vacuum that can run for 90 minutes. 

Look at Technological Sophistication

Fun fact: there's a reason why your robot vacuum cleaner takes a weird path to keep your floor clean. In fact, it tells you a lot about the technological sophistication of the vacuum in question. After all, while your robot vacuum cleaner may be small, it's far more complex than a grill or even a manual vacuum. 

Many robot vacuums rely on a navigation algorithm called visual simultaneous location and mapping, or VSLAM. Basically, it combines a primary vision sensor with an array of collision sensors. This allows the vacuum to identify landmarks on the ceiling, judge the distance between walls, and calculate the vacuum's position in the room in real time. This is the more advanced sensory system, and it's effective but expensive. 

On the cheaper end is a more basic system that relies on infrared sensors. The system doesn't route the robot—it just prevents the robot from colliding with the walls and reroutes it if it comes too close. You'll see this system in simpler, cheaper models. 

Don't Forget the Extras

Last but not least, don't forget about the extras. 

Some of the biggest extras are technology-related. More sophisticated vacuums come with app integration and can be remote-controlled, set on a schedule, or even told what rooms to clean that day. 

However, if you have a large home with multiple surfaces, it's worth investing in a robot vacuum with add-ons like a mop or different brushes. These allow the vacuum to adapt its cleaning style to better suit various surfaces in your home.


Everything You Need to Buy the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner—And More!

Ready to buy the best robot vacuum cleaner? Our unique & interactive guide to help you pick the right one for you can be found here.

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