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DJI Mini 3 (DJI RC) #DH3OFB02

by DJI
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Brand: DJI

Color: Gray


  • No Registration Needed - Under 249 g, FAA Registration, and Remote ID are not required if you fly for recreational purposes. Visit the FAA's official website for requirements related to drone registration and Remote ID. [1]
  • 4K UHD Stunning Imagery- Film in 4K HDR Video for crystal clear aerial shots. With Dual Native ISO Fusion, Mini 3 enables the capture of details in highlights and shadows, both day and night. [3]
  • Striking Vertical Videos are Ready to Share - With True Vertical Shooting, you can easily capture tall landmarks like skyscrapers and waterfalls. And after capturing, it's in the perfect orientation to post to Instagram or TikTok.
  • Extended Battery Life - Its flight time can be extended up to 51 minutes with the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus (sold separately), but the aircraft will weigh more than 249 g. Fly More combo offers up to 114 minutes of total flight time. [2]
  • 38kph (Level 5) Wind Resistant and 3-Axis Gimbal for Stable - With its Level 5 wind resistant and 3-axis mechanical gimbal, Mini 3 can capture consistently smooth 4K imagery. rushless motors enhance power and allow takeoff at altitudes up to 4,000 meters.
  • 10km Max HD Video Transmission - Up to 10 km (32,800 feet) [5] of HD video transmission and has excellent anti-interference capabilities, giving you the ability to freely explore vast landscapes and see clearer.
  • Creative Features for Advanced Shots - Epic shots are at your fingertips. Use QuickShots to choose dynamic flight patterns or capture a stunning view with Panorama.
  • Beginner-Friendly and Safe - Designed for beginners, GPS Return to Home (RTH) , Precise Hovering, Auto Takeoff/Landing, giving you plenty of confidence in flying. Additional in-app learning resources help you master flight quickly.
  • QuickTransfer via Wi-Fi - No remote control is needed; you can turn on the Wi-Fi download after pairing the drone close to your phone, and the download speed is up to 25Mb/s, which is simple and fast.
  • Includes the new DJI RC, which has the DJI Fly App pre-installed and a built-in 5.5-inch HD display for crisp viewing even in direct sunlight.

Release Date: 09-12-2022

model number: CP.MA.00000587.01

Part Number: CP.MA.00000587.01

Details: * DJI Mini 3 must be activated in the DJI Fly App. Due to platform compatibility issue, the DJI Fly app has been removed from Google Play. To ensure a better product usage experience, please go to the DJI official website to download the DJI Fly App.
** Please check and strictly abide by local laws and regulations before flying.
1. Standard aircraft weight (including the Intelligent Flight Battery, propellers, and a microSD card). The actual product weight may vary due to differences in batch materials and external factors. Registration is not required in some countries and regions. Please check local laws and regulations before use.
2. Measured at a constant speed of 21.6 kph in windless conditions. With the Intelligent Flight Battery, the aircraft can fly for up to 38 minutes. With the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus (sold separately and only in select countries), the flight time is extended to up to 51 minutes, but the aircraft will weigh more than 249 g. Please check and strictly abide by local laws and regulations before flying. Under the preceding conditions, a maximum range of 114 minutes can be achieved by replacing the battery twice.
3. HDR video does not support video recording at over 30 fps.
4. DJI Mini 3 features the dual native ISO values of ISO 100 and ISO 800.
5. FCC compliant and tested in an outdoor open environment without interference. FCC: 10 km, CE: 6 km, SRRC: 6 km, MIC: 6 km. Measured in an unobstructed outdoor environment free of interference. The above data shows the farthest communication range for one-way, non-return flights under each standard. During your flight, please pay attention to RTH reminders in the DJI Fly app.

EAN: 6941565949271

Package Dimensions: 16.7 x 13.2 x 6.4 inches

Languages: English, French

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